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Focus Drives are microscope attachments placed on the microscope to allow a fine-tuned & broader range of mobility. A motorised focus drive allows an automated process flow within microscopy with not only motorised X- and Y-axes but also an automatic adjustment of the Z-axis.

MFD series focuses on supplementing Z-axis positioning; easily retrofitted onto the fine focus knob on the microscope.
MFD-2 holds higher stability than MFD series by using the additional adaptation of the base plate. This series is also a more customisable series; different microscope brands (and even individual microscope) holds different compatibility. Please contact us to find out more about the compatibility.

Piezo Z is a unique stage that achieves high resolution at fast sample positioning. It focuses on its samples through moving its sample dynamically and precisely along the optical axis, with adjustments within a few milliseconds and with accuracy within µm range.

MA 42 is also designed for supplementary motorisation in the z-axis. It is installed by removing the fine focus knob from the microscope with the MA 42, together with a unique coupling, is retrofitted directly to the shaft of the fine focus. It is thus preventing any slippage or loss of steps.

Motorised Focus Drivers


High resolution with travel range 300/500 µm

MFD Series

3rd axis w fine focus knob


For Nikon Eclipse LV150


Supplementary motorisation for the z-axis