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The Micromanipulator SM 3.25 is equipped with a stepper motor driving mechanism, which, in combination with the controller TANGO, enables even smallest step sizes up to 0.01 µm. Only these extremely small single steps can the stepper motors to carry out a motion sequence that is truly vibration-free.

  • Compact design enables direct fixation on the microscope stage
  • X-axis tiltable up to 90°
  • Swivel device of the tool holder allows easy changing/cleaning of micro tools
  • Mounting clamp ½“ included in the scope of delivery, other diameters on request

Travel range XYZ

25 mm


0,01 µm

Ball screw pitch

1 mm, ball screw


2-phase stepper motor




Anodic coating,

Black lacquered


approx. 1.7 kg

Scope of delivery 

SM 3.25

mounting clamp ½“

tool holder


  • Magnetic stand M1 (turn-/tiltable, adjustable in height)
    Order No.: 00-49-901-6000
  • Magnetic stand M2 (turn-/tiltable)
    Order No.: 00-49-902-6000
  • Controller TANGO Desktop
    Order No.: 00-76-150-1803
  • Controller TANGO PCI-E
    Order No.: 00-76-150-0813


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