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MMJ Micromanipulator Singapore

MMJ has adjustment buttons & mechanical joystick for X-Y axis that allows movement within µm range. The Z-axis is equipped with a coarse and fine adjustment (10:1 ratio) that enables both quick tool changing assembly as well as precise positioning

  • Manual movement via control knobs in 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Additional mechanical joystick for XY with travel range from 0,35 to 4,0 mm at full detection
  • Coarse and fine adjustment of Z-axis, ratio 1 : 10
  • Tool holder for holding a piezo translator (e. g. PM 20)
  • Tool holder tiltable up to 90°
  • Stop screw assures that tool returns to focus level after descending

Travel range

X-axis: 37 mm
Y-axis: 20 mm
Z-axis: 25 mm

Travel range joystick

0,35 to 4,0 mm




anodic coating,

black lacquered


950 g


  • Additional Z-axis stop
    Part No.: 00-45-201-6000
  • Magnetic stand M1
    Part No.: 00-49-901-6000


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