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MD 4 Micromanipulator Singapore
MD 4-2 Micromanipulator Singapore

The MD 4 is a compact micromanipulator for manual movement in three axes (X, Y, and Z). It is equipped with a second tool holder. This additional tool holder cannot only be positioned in X-and Y-direction, independent from the micromanipulator, but may also be tilted and swiveled via two fine adjustment screws. The scales mounted on its guide ways allow read off of the coarse adjustment with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The additional fine adjustment is operated by turning the micrometer screw, the read off accuracy is 1/100 mm.
Since all control knobs are mounted in line on the rear (not on the side), a number of user friendly MD 4 micromanipulators can be set up right next to one another. For the purpose of avoiding that the Z-axis will descend when working with weighty loads (drift), there is an optional break (Z-axis stop) available.

  • Additional Z-axis stop
    Part No.: 00-45-201-6000
  • Magnetic stand M1
    Part No.: 00-49-901-6000

Travel range

X-axis: 37 mm
Y- axis: 20 mm
Z-axis: 25 mm

Fine adjustment 

10 mm


700 g

Packaging size

40 x 32 x 21 cm


2 kg