Analytical Technologies Singapore

HS-6 Micromanipulator Singapore

HS6 is characterised by its extremely rugged construction and is designed for applications that require the highest accuracy. HS 6 available in two controls; manual controls and a stepper motor driving mechanism in two or three axes (one axis on request).  HS6 also has a movement range 25mm in all 3 axes.

  • Stepper motor drive (2 or 3 axes) or manual adjustment (3 axes) selectively available (1 axis on request)
  • Tilting device for tilting and coarse and hight adjustment of HS 6
  • incl. tool holder can be swivelled in any direction
Travel range25 mm (manual)
20 mm (motorised)
Resolution0,01 µm
Drive (HS 6.2 / HS 6.3)2-phase stepper motor 
Pitch0,4 mm, micrometer spindle
anodic coating,black lacquered
Weight6.0 kg
Dimensions250 x 155 x 246 mm


  • Controller TANGO Desktop
    Order No.: 00-76-125-1802 (2 axes)
    Order No.: 00-76-125-1803 (3 axes)
  • Controller MCL 2 (2 axes)
    Order No.: 00-79-220-0832 (without display)
    Order No.: 00-79-220-0833 (with display)
  • Controller MCL 3 (3 axes)
    Order No.: 00-79-220-0834 (without display)
    Order No.: 00-79-220-0835 (with display)