Analytical Technologies Singapore

Littman & Littrow Lasers are Tunable external cavity diode lasers. Both types of laser has high passive stability; realizing the pivot axis of the tuning grating and the cavity adjustments via flex-mounts ensures the highest passive stability of our Littrow/Littman laser system.  As a result, it achieves a robust and highly stable external cavity diode laser system with excellent values for the long-term laser linewidth.

Littman/Metcalf Diode Laser

Lion: Manual

Manual Tunable System, up to 100mW

Lion: Motorised

Motorised Tunable Motorised Cavity Diode Lasers


Tapered Littman/Metcalf Laser, up to 500mW manual and motorised tuning

Littrow Lasers

Lynx S3

Manual Tunable Littrow Laser System


Modular Tunable Littrow Laser System from 375nm to 1770nm


High Power Tapered Littrow Laser from 750nm to 1064nm


Broad Area Laser, High Power Littrow Series