Analytical Technologies Singapore

Marhauser Weltzar understands that microscopes has very varying specifications that ergonomic design spreads across all the different brands and models. For this reason, Märzhäuser provides linear microscope measuring stages with a micrometer lead screw or with a digital measuring system as well as motorised measuring stages for the computer-controlled measurement of work pieces.

Manual linear microscope measuring stages from Märzhäuser are available in 4 different model types; EK-MR & MTM are usually for upright microscopes while MT models are designed for measuring microscopes or profile projectors.

Motorised linear microscope measuring stages of the MT mot series guarantee high-precision measurements. It is a “plug-and-play” microscope that is fully-integrated with electronic specification plate & MR measuring system.

Manual: MT

The MT series stages are primarily used on measuring microscopes & profile projectors in both reflected and transmitted light applications; available with varying types of lids.

Manual: MTM-MR

The MTM-MR series is a 3-plate design used for upright microscope. When the stage exceeds more than 100 mm measuring length, it uses a patented coarse adjustment & fine adjustment. This would guarantee high-precision measuremenst.

All the MTM-MR stages includes digital readout unit PROFILER SCD.

Manual: MT-MR

Measuring stages of the MT-MR series are equipped with the high-precision MR measuring system, developed by Märzhäuser Wetzlar.

Manual: EK-MR

The EK-MR series is a favourable alternative to MTM-MR series. Designed with a 2-plate stage, the EK-MR series measuring lengths up to 75 x 50 mm. 

In addition, specimen holder moves the object across the stage top plate; protected by a wear-free CERASIST coating.

Motorised: MT mot

The MT mot series has a measuring range of a travel range of up to 600 x 600 mm. This series’  MT mot MR is also integrated with MR measuring system. 

The integrated electronic specification plate ETS enables automatic identification of the scanning stage, as well as the parametrisation of the TANGO controller.