Analytical Technologies Singapore

​We provide a comprehensive range of customisation options for our Laser Goggles, spanning various factors, including frame selections and lens applications and wavelengths. 

When it comes to Goggle Frames, we offer a diverse array of styles and sizes, accommodating a broad spectrum of preferences, including options suitable for children. For specific sizes, please contact us for more information.



Fitover frames are purposefully engineered to provide a secure and accommodating fit over prescription eyewear.

​These frames exhibit slightly larger dimensions and a wider profile in comparison to wrap-around glasses, which accounts for the distinct size specifications associated with them.​



Wrap-around frames elegantly contour the periphery of the eyes, offering a snug and encompassing fit along with an expanded field of vision. Within our wrap-around collection, we present two aviator/navigator style frames, both equipped with specialised filters to shield against handheld laser threats, and tailored to accommodate larger fit.



Providing two distinct goggle options that feature an adjustable strap, ensuring a secure and form-fitting seal against the face to provide optimal eye protection.


We provide a choice of two pediatrics frame options, available in both fitover and wrap-around styles, which are also well-suited for petite adults.

​We provide a wide array of Laser Safety Lenses depending on various wavelengths, OD, filter requirements as well as applications. Please contact us with your requirements.


  • UV
  • Visible
  • Infrared
  • Ultra-fast (Ti:Sapphire)
  • X-RAY only
  • NIR
  • Yellow


  • Aesthetics /Dermatology
  • Alignment
  • Dental
  • Forensics
  • Fluorescent / Non-Coherent
  • Handheld Laser Threat
  • Industrial
  • Patient Protection ( X-RAY)
  • Surgical
  • Therapeutic
  • Ultrafast Pulse & Scientific
  • Veterinary
  • CE / UKCA Certified Filters

​Kindly refer to the laser manufacturer’s documentation for the safe utilisation of the laser system and to determine the Laser Protective Eyewear (LPE) specifications.

To establish the LPE protection requisites, please conduct the necessary calculations for Optical Density (OD) and power density, taking into account the wavelength and power in watts (or, in the case of pulsed systems, consider wavelength, power in joules, pulse duration in seconds, and pulse repetition rate in hertz).

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