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VSCELs laser diodes provide a lot of perks; it is able to withstand high operating powers without the risk of facing COD. It is widely used for data & telecom transmission.

II-VI’s designs are very application focus, it creates VSCELs that caters to some of the greatest applications & industries; providing high speed with great reliability datacom in transmitting information and optical sensing powers.  All powering at the best & most commonly used wavelength of 850nm. 

One of the perks of VSCELs is the ability to conduct layer-by-layer tests while it is still in a wafer form. This lowers the risks and potential waste during production. Taking this in full potential, all VSCELs laser diodes created by II-VI are tested under strict requirements to ensure VSCELs produces the clearest and high-quality beams.

We distribute our VSCELs Laser diodes at II-VI Lasers Enterprise.

VCSELs for Sensing

850nm Low Power SM Chip

850nm Polarization Locked Single Mode VCSEL Chip with Low Operation Power

High Power MM VCSEL Chip

High Power MM VCSEL Chip up to 10mW cw at 850nm

High Power VCSEL Array

Designed to for a broad range of optical 3D sensing applications

High Power VCSEL Die

940nm High Power VCSEL Die in Ceramic Package with Diffuser

GaAs Optoelectronics


10G VCSEL Single Chip

850nm 10Gb/s Multimode VCSEL Chip, can be arranged in various arrays

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