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Safeguarding a diverse range of laser wavelengths and optically sensitive experiments, these measures are well-suited for implementation in laser laboratories, laser equipment facilities, and other laser processing workshops.
Type A: Standard Photoelectric VersionType B:Enhanced Industrial Version
Laser Protective Exposure Limit PEL1. PEL>258.09W/cm²,
1070nm, φ=1mm, T=100s
2. PEL>72.33W/cm², 1070nm, φ=3mm, T=100s
3. PEL>41.08W/cm², 1070nm, φ=5mm, T=100s
Test Wavelength:
Spot Radius: r=2.509mm,
Test Time T=100s
Used inTypical for low laser power,such as optical communications, optical measurement, lidar, medical cosmetology,semiconductor microelectro-nics and other industries.Suitable for higher power applications, such as national defense and military industry, industrial laser processing,especially handheld laser processing.
tandard Size1.5m width * 2m height1.5m width * 2.5m height1.5m width * 2.7m height
MaterialComposite materials with special coatings
Laser Safety StandardsGB 7247.1/4/13、IEC 60825-1/13、CE/EN 60825-1/4
Product AdvantagesUltra-low reflection, aging resistance, corrosion resistanceFlame retardant, high temperature resistance 1100°CWear resistance, oil resistance, antistatic
ColourBlack Matte(support customized color)
Laser Damage ReminderGenerate White Smoke
Standard AccessoriesHanging eyelets, laser safety marking, Velcro
Optional AccessoriesSlide rails components, laser protection windows, cross tackle, anti-dust and anti-static
Applicable LasersApplicable for all wavelengths and types of lasers
Applicable OccasionsClass 4 laser protection, applicable for Laser laboratories, laser equipment, laser processing workshops
Installation TypeHCeiling installation, side wall installation, floor, matching with laser equipment,
“一” type, “L” type, “U type”, “口” type
Regular Delivery time10-13 working days for standard size

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