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TeraHertz (THz) radiation lasers are high-powered lasers with extremely short-bursted pulse, it is great for medical imaging because it is generally not as harmful as compared to x-rays. 

Sacher lasertechnik offers a holistic laser diode system that allows the generation of CW THz Generation using the frequency mixing technique. This technique is achieved by pumping through the Frequency Mixing Crystal via 2 superimposed tunable diode lasers. It is almost plus-and-play; it comes with its own THz software systems with automatic wavelength tuning & it can be remotely controlled by via GPIB, RS232 and USB. 

We distribute CW THz Laser (patented) from Sacher Lasertecnik

THz, Tera Hertz Generation

CW THz Laser

Full plug & play THz lasers