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Femto provides a wide range of high quality amplifiers & photoreceiver. Femto’s products focus on designing & developing amplifiers that produce the low noise and high gain; to with or without photodetector modules – producing “sophisticated tools for signal recovery” in scientific and industrial applications.  Not only Femto’s existing products are suitable for retrofitting into various instruments, OEM services are also available for services at most quantities. Please contact us for more details. 

Current Amplifiers Femto Singapore

Current Amplifiers

Current Amplifiers show almost ideal behavior without the need for special adaptations or frequency compensations. Bandwidth and frequency response are independent of source capacitance up to 10 nF. No gain peaking will occur.

Voltage Amplifier FEMTO Singapore

Voltage Amplifiers

DC Voltage Amplifiers with variable & fixed gain with low-frequency/ high gain. FEMTO’s amplifiers holds high flexibility with dynamic input & output offset.

GHz Wideband Amplifiers

GHz wideband amplifiers available with variable/gain up to 2.5 GHz. Suitable as current & voltage amplifiers. 

Lock-In Amplifier FEMTO Singapore

Lock-In Amplifiers

FEMTO’s lock-in amplifiers are made to be competitive with high performance and accessibility.  Available in a complete module or single board that can be made to retrofitted into various PMT, photodiode & other OEM applications. Suitable to be used with spectroscopy and other light scattering measurements. 

Special Amplifiers

This quartz tuning fork amplifier is designed for amplifying charge signals generated by tiny tuning forks. It is also best suited for receiving signals from piezoelectric detectors, such as used for the detection of ultrasonic vibrations.


Known for its high performance and quality standards, FEMTO’s photoreceivers are the golden standard for photoreceivers across the market. 

Amplifiers Accessories

Various Amplifiers Acessories for various purposes.