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High Power Laser Diode provides high-intensity light sources for lasers that applications such as direct material processings & medical purposes. All highly powered diodes face a common problem, overheating. Overheating would shorten the diode’s lifespan and affect the diode’s operating potentials. 

Available in actively cooled and passively cooled bars & fiber-coupled bar. Actively cooled provided diodes with longer lifetime and low thermal resistance while achieving high power levels. Passively cooled bars are designed to handle more challenging industrial applications, with a unique design to prevent  Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at extremely high output powers.

Fiber-coupled bars is the long tradition that provides golden standards of what is to be of high power laser diodes. 

We distribute our HPL diodes at II-VI Lasers Enterprise.


Streak camera Optronis Singapore Analytical Technologies

Framing Camera

Framing Camera is used for capturing moments of ultra-fast events that would not be possible with the usage of only high speed cameras. High Speed Cameras is capable of recording the process of the event, while  framing cameras that are capable of capturing individual frames at ultra-high speed (1 billion frames per second) at beautiful & excellent resolution that is unmatched by high-speed cameras. This is accomplished by installing another high speed camera at the experiment site which is responsible for triggering the framing camera at the exact moment when it is needed. 

Specialised Imaging Limited is a dynamic company focusing on the design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra-high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, military and scientific applications.​


Framing Camera Specialised Imaging Singapore Analytical Technologies

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