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One of the pioneers in sCMOS (also known as scientific complementary metal oxides semiconductor) cameras, pco.imaging brought upon a revolution for CMOS image sensor generation. sCMOS cameras are capable of producing images at relatively higher resolution & frame rates at very low noise. It is also capable of producing imaging at an extremely high quantum efficiency (up to 95%). The compacted ergonomic design makes it one of the most suitable instruments for scientist and research applications.

Our sCMOS camera is constantly improving to stay competitive in the market; with back-illuminated sCMOS sensor for capturing imaging at a lower light and the newest global shutter sCMOS for capturing images at an extremely high resolution.

For the overview of sCMOS camera, click here.

pco.edge series

pco.edge 26

True global shutter with the highest resolution

pco.edge 5.5

High fps with high resolution @ 2560×2160

pco.edge 4.2 bi

UV range with cooled back-illuminated (bi) sCMOS

pco.edge 3.1

groundbreaking sCMOS technology for outstanding image quality


pco.panda 26

Ultra compact global shutter sCMOS camera

pco.panda 4.2

Compacted sCMOS bi camera in the UV range

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