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Intensified camera is an image intensifier camera system that offers extremely short exposure/shutter times down to 4 ns. The appropriate spectral behaviour can be selected by the photocathode material of the MCP tube. All intensified cameras uses sCMOS sensor technology; with C1 being single channel and C4’s multi-channel.

C4 is a unique camera system that is being to capture ultra-speed event all while holding the characteristics of the image intensifier properties and coupling with pco.dicam C1.

pco.imaging has launched its newest intensified camera, pco.dicam C8 as the logical next step to increase the image sequence length of the field-proven pco.dicam C4; 8-channel intensified sCMOS camera.

Intensified Camera

pco.dicam C1

Intensified single channel 16 bit sCMOS camera

pco.dicam C4

4-channel intensified sCMOS camera

pco.dicam C8

8-channel intensified sCMOS camera

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