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Charged coupled device (CCD) is a unique type of camera sensor pco.imaging CCD cameras. CCD cameras are one of the most commonly used camera sensors. CCD sensors’ greatest advantage is that the stability of the image captured. The CCD sensor works like a ‘Bucket analogy”; this technology ensures every pixel is measured in the identical same way. The use of a single readout amplifier makes the readout process extremely consistent. This produces high-quality data with low fixed pattern noise and reads noise. This ensures there’s no wasted space in the pixels.

pco.pixelfly pco.imaging singapore

pco.pixelfly usb

digital 14 bit CCD camera

CCD Camera pco.imaging singapore


1600 x 1200 resolution with 10 e- @ 10 MHz readout noise​

CCD Camera pco.imaging singapore


2048 x 2048 resolution with 6 e- @ 10 MHz readout noise​

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