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Widefield hyperspectral imager allows the view of spectral analysis by providing complete spectral information for each and every pixel of a full resolution image. ​​

NIR hyperspectral microscopy covers the detection range of 850-1620 nm and is ideal for the spatial and spectral identification and measurement of fluorophores that emit in the second biological window. For example, single wall nanotubes (SWNTs) emission bands are narrow (~ 20 nm) and each band corresponds to unique (n, m) species (chiralities). With IR hyperspectral microscopy, it is possible to separate these species, with single SWNT spatial resolution on surfaces, in live cells (in vivo), and in vitro.

IR VIVO is a hyperspectral imaging system that uses first (NIR) and second biological window (NIR-II) from 900-1620 nm.

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*NEW* nCore™

Multi-Sensor : Hyperspectral Core Scanner


Infrared Microplate Reader
Excite your probes at any wavelengths to validate their NIR-II emissions


Push broom infrared hyperspectral scanner


In Vivo NIR-II Spectral Probe


Preclinical Imager that uses NIR


Wavelength Range: 400-1000 nm


Wavelength Range: 1000-2300 nm


Wavelength Range: VNIR (400-1000 nm) & SWIR (900-1620 nm)

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