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The Laser Line Tunable Filter (LLTF) is a non-dispersive tunable bandpass filter based on volume holographic gratings. It delivers the highest signal throughput in the industry and is also unique in that it combines very high optical density (> OD6) and outstanding out-of-band rejection with wide tunability. A single filter can be tuned from 400 nm to 1000 nm (VIS) or 1000 nm to 2300 nm (SWIR), with bandwidths (FWHM) of <2.5 nm and <5 nm respectively. Custom and extended spectral ranges (up to 2500 nm) and bandwidths (sub-nm) are also available. Photon etc’s LLTF can be coupled with a supercontinuum laser to provide a Tunable Laser Source (TLS); the LLTF is compatible with any VIS-NIR broadband source but is optimized for Fianium’s, NKT Photonics’ and Leukos’ supercontinuum sources.

Filter & Sources


Laser Line Tunable Filter
Efficiency up to 60%, High out-of-band rejection

Tunable Laser Source

Pointing and power stability, Wide tuning range


Fast global mapping (non-scanning)
High spatial and spectral resolution

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