Vibration Sensitive
(Optical Table)

High Power Laser Diode provides high-intensity light sources for lasers that applications such as direct material processings & medical purposes. All highly powered diodes face a common problem, overheating. Overheating would shorten the diode’s lifespan and affect the diode’s operating potentials. 

Available in actively cooled and passively cooled bars & fiber-coupled bar. Actively cooled provided diodes with longer lifetime and low thermal resistance while achieving high power levels. Passively cooled bars are designed to handle more challenging industrial applications, with a unique design to prevent  Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at extremely high output powers.

Fiber-coupled bars is the long tradition that provides golden standards of what is to be of high power laser diodes. 

We distribute our HPL diodes at II-VI Lasers Enterprise.


Vibration Isolation Products

Optical Table

Ultimate Grade

Extreme stability & rigidness

Research Grade

Dual tuned Damping & Breadboard Damping

Laboratory grade

Tuned Damping 

Utility Grade

 Broadband Damping using\proprietary epoxy formulation

Economy Grade

Price competitive without losing its quality

Optical Table Support

Auxiliary Work Surfaces

Suspended drawers mounted on top of workstations

Tabletop Enclosures

Enclosed environment to encase the ideal environment/prevent wind

Laser Mounting Shelf

Laser Mounting Shelf underneath the top surface

Laser Port

Port to allow lasers beams to travel through the table surface

Modular Butt Splice

The connectors used to join two top surfaces together

Lap Splice Kit

Joining  two tables of the same thickness

Seismic Restraints

Retrofitted restraints that hold up to a 1g seismic load of 4000 lbs

Portable Air Compressor

Extremely quiet with full set of PAC

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