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Ultra Sonic Spray System

SONOTEK has been leading in providing a complete & holistic ultra sonic spray system. The system is built around the concept of the ultrasonic nozzle & the air shaping device. A similar system when placed with a different nozzle, gives the system a completely different function and application.

SONOTEK’s nozzles do not release its contents through the conventional method of introducing pressure, instead the contents enters a relatively larger orifices and is released via the nozzle’s ultrasonic vibrations. The different types of nozzles is coupled together additional low velocity air shaping devices to entrain the spray and direct it toward a substrate. This allows precise control of the spray into the 4 different types of shape( fine lines, conical patterns, or wide flat fan ) at nanolayers

Ultra-sonic spray Sono-Tek Singapore Analytical Technologies

General Series

ExctaCoat Series

Automated with XYZ movement, ideal for mid-volume productions


Fixed nozzle sprays for mid-volume productions

SPT 200

Ideal for coating semiconductors for mid-volume productions

Soldering Series


Ideal for spraying Al braze fluxes onto specific areas.


Highest-quality & accuracy with multi-function fluxing systems.

SonoFlux Series

Create for a wide range of fluxing requirements


Recycling solder onsite without using invasive chemical processings

Medical Series

Medicoat Series

Individual self-sufficient systems made intended for medical usage

MedXT Series

Specialised in spraying internal blood tube coating

Industrial Purposes

Impact Array

Static nozzles arranged horizontally for industrial-volume of production

WideTrack Dual Jet

Wide area coating with up to 12 Widetrack nozzles

WideTrack Impact

Wide area coating with up to 28 Impact air shaped systems

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