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The ultrasonic spray system is a unique system that is built around the concept of the ultrasonic nozzle & the air shaping device. A similar system when placed with a different spray nozzle, giving the system a completely different function, material, industry, providing the ultimate seamless experience in the nano-scale. 

Ultrasonic Spray Coating System


Optimal for research and development or small volume production of thin film coatings


Continuous metering pump system, able to provide stable liquid delivery for 24 hours

With Conveyor

Equipped with a conveyor for automatic substrates transportation

Stent Coating

Used for depositing drug coating on coronary stents, peripheral stents, sinus stents, intracranial stents & other stents

Spray pyrolysis System

Customised for Pyrolysis processes with high temperature reaction furnace

Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles


Ultrasonic spray nozzle with large spray width.


Ultrasonic spray nozzle with vortex spray shaping


Ultrasonic spray nozzle with focused spray shape.


Ultrasonic nozzle with ultra-low flow rate and small spray width


Ultrasonic spray nozzle with ultra-small spray width


Ability to put into a narrow space for coating the inner wall.

Pyrolysis Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis nozzle for spray pyrolysis in tube furnace.

Drying Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray drying nozzle for spray drying process.

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