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Thermal evaporation is a common Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technique to produce thin-film deposition.

Thermal evaporation is a straightforward means of thin film deposition with materials being heated to evaporation temperatures via a resistively heated support.

A glovebox is added to ensure minimum contamination with the sample during the deposition process. 

Sulfur Science
Thermal Evaporator Glovebox CVD Sulfur Science CVD

Thermal Evaporator W GolveBox

Ideal for deposits air-sensitive metal


Magnetron Sputtering Systems Singapore

MiniLab 026

Compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers

MiniLab 060

Front-loading box-type chambers ideal for multiple-source magnetron sputtering but also thermal and e-beam evaporation

MiniLab 080

Tall chambers ideally suited for thermal, LTE and e-beam evaporation techniques requiring longer working distances

MiniLab 090

Glovebox-compatible for atmosphere-sensitive applications. Tall chambers are ideal for high-performance evaporation, but magnetron sputtering is also available.

MiniLab 125

Increased-size component sets for coating large areas, and a range of load-lock options enable high-throughput operation


Combination of evaporation and sputtering techniques within a single process chamber. Ultimate research flexibility within a benchtop, automated package

Thermal Evaporator System


Can be equipped with low-temperature evaporation (LTE) and standard resistive evaporation sources for deposition of organics and metals, respectively