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The 4 point probe is a simple apparatus for measuring the resistivity of semiconductor samples. EVERBEING’s 4 point probe is very suitable for a wide range of applications such as sheet resistivity.

Everbeing’s four point probe uses the four co-linear probes on contact to determine the sheet resistance of your wafer or thin films. The method uses the four terminal sensing or “Kelvin” approach by using separate junctions for voltage and current instead of through the same connection. As a result, internal resistance, lead or contact resistance is reduced and lower ohm values can be read.

The material of the probe tips are generally Tungsten Carbide. If you wish to have other specifications, please feel free to contact us.

4-point Probe


Chuck: 8″ , Probe Pin Diameter: 40.6um


Chuck Size: ~ 12″
Square/Round Chuck Selectable

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