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Moorfield’s Soft Etching technology was developed in collaboration with the Nobel Prize-winning graphene group at Manchester University, UK. Headed by Prof. Andre Geim, the group received their first system from Moorfield when they started their 2D materials research over 10 years ago. Since then, the technology, implemented within our compact nanoETCH range, has become a critical part of all experimental work. They now have 3 tools, housed within the National Graphene Institute (NGI). 

Plasma etching technology from Moorfield is used for Soft Etching of sensitive materials, reactive ion etching (RIE) and substrate cleaning. The technology is packaged into dedicated nanoETCH tools or combined with other hardware inside larger MiniLab process chambers and load-locks.

Soft Etching

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MiniLab 026

Compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers

Plasma Etching


Unique Soft Etching technology and provide the fine control crucial for numerous etching applications