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In magnetron sputtering, magnetic fields are strategically employed to concentrate plasmas onto target material surfaces, facilitating the expulsion of material particles. These particles traverse through the plasma medium to uniformly coat substrates. This method is adept at depositing a wide range of materials, provided the appropriate sputtering power supply is selected.

Magnetron Sputtering Products

Magnetron Sputtering Systems Singapore

MiniLab 026

Compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers

MiniLab 060

Front-loading box-type chambers ideal for multiple-source magnetron sputtering but also thermal and e-beam evaporation

MiniLab 080

Tall chambers ideally suited for thermal, LTE and e-beam evaporation techniques requiring longer working distances

MiniLab 125

Increased-size component sets for coating large areas, and a range of load-lock options enable high-throughput operation


Electron microscopy coating tool with a full, research-grade feature set


Combination of evaporation and sputtering techniques within a single process chamber. Ultimate research flexibility within a benchtop, automated package