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Dip coating is the precision controlled immersion and withdrawal of any substrate into a reservoir of liquid for the purpose of depositing a layer of material. Many chemical and nanomaterial engi­neering research projects in academia and industry make use of the dip coating technique.

The dip coating technique is used to make thin films by self-assembly and with the sol-gel technique. Self-assembly can give film thicknesses of exactly one monolayer. The sol-gel technique creates films of increased, precisely controlled thickness that are mainly determined by the deposition speed and solution viscosity.

Single Vessel Sequencing Dip Coaters are designed for simpler applications; it is used for depositing from one solution. Multiple Vessel Sequencing Dip Coaters are designed for larger and more complicated samples  with horizontal and vertical movement. 


Multi Vessel Dip Coaters

Multiple liquids samples can be coated simultaneously

Single Vessel Dip Coaters

Best for depositing a single solution

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