Analytical Technologies Singapore

Our partner’s commitment lies in the development of compact, energy-efficient, and user-friendly technologies. We are dedicated to ongoing innovation and expanding our product portfolio to provide cost-effective modular solutions for achieving sub-Kelvin temperatures.

Cool to Below 1 Kelvin

Single Stage 4He Sorption Cooler

Cost-effective, user-friendly, dependable, and highly efficient

Continuous 4He Cryocooler

Seamless integration with a low-power GM cryocooler

Cool to Below 300 mKelvin

Two-Stage Sub Kelvin 3He Sorption Cooler

Designed to make the best possible use of the scarce resource of Helium-3

Single-shot Add-on Sorption Cooler

Additional ultracold stage, augmenting the capabilities of the existing two-stage sub-kelvin 3He sorption cooler

Compact Continuous Sorption Cooler

Compact continuous ~300mK sorption cooler that is designed to interface to a low-power GM cryocooler

Cool to Below 100 mKelvin

Continuous Miniature Dilution Cooler

Compact and self-contained solutions that eliminate the need for external gas supplies and the costly refilling of Helium-3

Heat Switches

Active Heat Switches

Compact external gas absorber pod is intricately linked to the base of the switch via a gas conduit

Passive Heat Switches

Incorporates an internal absorber and operates autonomously