Analytical Technologies Singapore

CIA develops & manufactures both components and holistic systems for liquid helium providing an all-rounding service & products for LHe cryo; microscopy stages, cryostats, Superconducting Magnet Systems & microprobe stations. Constantly innovating ideas, CIA continues to better improve the use of liquid Helium in cryogenics by integrating magnetic fields in the various products. technologies

LHe Cryostats

Liquid Helium Microscopy Systems Singapore

Microscopy System

Fast cooldown & high stability with ultra thin microscopy stage (30mm)

‘SuperVariTemp’ Magnet Inserts Singapore


Super Variable Temperature inserts for superconducting magnets

Continuous Flow: Sample in Vacuum

Closed Cycle Cryostats in vacuum with LHe dewar/ H2 gas cylinder

Liquid Helium Continuous Flow_ Sample in Vapor or Static X-Gas Singapore

Continuous Flow: Sample in Vacuum

Variable Temperature Sample in Vapour Flow Workstation

Liquid Helium Storage Dewar Mount Insert Singapore

Storage Dewar Mount Insert

Top loading versatile storage dewar insert with He vapour

Ultra High Vacuum Flow cryostats Singapore

Ultra High Vacuum Flow Cryostats

Designed with rotatable ‘Conflat’ interface for a more seamless integration

Liquid Helium (Wet) Superconducting Magnet Systems CIA Singapore

Superconducting Magnet Systems

The perfect integration of magnetic fields in cryogenic

Research Dewars

Simple and durable liquid helium reservoir dewar with either liquid nitrogen shield or vapour shield


Helium Transfer Lines