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The Helium-3 family is a powerful series that with its unique synthetic charcoal technology, capable of producing temperatures that go as low as 0.26K ( -272.9°C). The built-in charcoal sorb pumps can pump at high speed; this high speed on the liquid helium-3 helps to lower the base temperature. High pumping speed is achieved by placing charcoal cryopump near the liquid helium-3, and by using new charcoal technology. Simple and cost-effective, this series is designed to mitigate gas leakage; an issue often missed by less experienced users. It is made to fit a standardised transport dewar (50mm) & a sliding seal for a smooth transition when inserting or removing the cryostat.

Additionally, the Helium-3 family is also flexible; the charcoal can be cooled by dynamic flow, static exchange gas or submerged in LHe. Available in sample in vacuum or top loading into vapour/liquid.


HELIUM-3 (SV) ‘Sample in Vacuum’ Singapore

Sample in Vacuum

Places sample in vacuum (SV) storage, research dewars & other cryostat systems

Helium-3 Pro Singapore

Helium-3 Pro

Mass-produced SV He-3 insert stock with standardised specifications

HELIUM-3 (TL) ‘Top Loader’ Singapore

Top Loader (TL)

Sample can be inserted directly into the He-3 cryostats for fast sample exchange


Helium-3 with integral liquid He-4 reservoir

HELIUM-3 FOR Variable Temperature Inserts (VTI) Singapore

Variable Temperature Inserts (VTI)

Top Loads into the sample tube of the VTI