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The CRYOCOOL family is a unique cryogenic series; it uses a gas steamer instead of liquid, resulting in a maximised cooling speed and efficiency.  Currently at the 3rd generation, this series uses the single-flow “Never-Ice” technology. This technology allows the production of the most efficient (now 50% lower) & economical stream coolers on the market. Additionally, this family can offer a cryogenic temperature range from 4.5 K to 500 K. 

Cryocool Family

Liquid Helium

The lowest temperature in the entire series: 4.5K (-268.6°C)

Cryocool-LN2 Singapore

Liquid Nitrogen

Never ice “warm-tip” w variable temp (83-500 K) (-190.1 – 226.85°C)


Small personal-sized cryostat using LN2. (95K) (-178.1°C)

Cryogen Free

Cryogen-free system with N2 gas from N2 fridge (from air)

Cryo-free (Low Temp)

Holistic cryo-free system at low temperature (11-300K) (-262.15 – 26.85°C)