Analytical Technologies Singapore

CIA has 25 years in developing Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems, having over 375 field tested and proven designs of Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems.  There are 3 different mounting designs; sample in Vacuum Mounting, Sample in Exchange Gas using “top loading” & Sample in Exchange Gas using “bolt-on”. 

Sample in Vacuum Mounting uses the “cold-finger” method; Easy sample access through quick connect vacuum shroud and single thread radiation shield. Both Sample in Exchange Gas uses the same method; with the “bolt-on” the improved version with a removable & interchangeable refrigerator available.


10 K Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems Singapore

10K Refrigerator Systems

Temperature Range: <9 to 325 K

2-Stage 4 K Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems Singapore

2-Stage 4 K Refrigerator Systems

Temperature Range: 4 K to 325 K

Closed Cycle 6.5 K Refridgrator Systems Singapore​

6.5 K Refridgrator Systems

Temperature Range: <6.5 K to 325 K

Closed Cycle Cryogen Free Superconducting Magnet Systems Singapore

Superconducting Magnet Systems

Temperature Range: <5K to 325K

Closed Cycle Pulse Tube Refrigerator Systems Singapore

Pulse Tube Refrigerator Systems

Temperature Range: 4.2K to 325K

Closed Cycle Detector Systems

Detector Series

Variable Temperature Stability +/- 0.05K

Closed Cycle Low Vibration Rubber Bellows Closed Cycle Systems Singapore

Low Vibration Rubber Bellows

Temperature Range: 8 K – 325 K / 4.2K to 325K


Microscopy Cryogenic Workstation

Temperature Range: <8 K to 325 K / 20 K to 325 K

4 K Closed Cycle Mossbauer Refrigerator System with Stand Singapore

4 K Mossbauer Refrigerator System

Temperature Range: <5K to 325K