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The Ligandtracer is a revolutionary series that provides quantification of live-cell interaction in real-time. Each instrument provides a unique environment made suitable for different cell groups. The ligandtracer is user-friendly, with little preparation is required. The binding curve on the graph displays the amount of cell-associated ligand over time, and contains information about affinity, kinetics and the interaction mechanism.

LigandTracer detects interaction properties that can easily be missed by using established endpoint methods by monitoring interactions as they happen.  Data can also be automatically collected at fixed intervals, allowing you to obtain in-depth information about the interaction that you’re studying. 

We are proud to be distributing this unique series from ridgeview instruments ab.

Molecular Interaction Analysers

Ligandtracer Green

Fluorescently Labelled Compounds

Ligandtracer Grey

Detects low energy ɣ radiation, e.g. 125I

Ligandtracer Yellow

Detects high energy ɣ radiation, nuclides in PET/SPECT imaging

Ligandtracer White

Detects β radiation; 14C, 35S & other beta emitters


MultiDish 2×2

Separated into two isolated compartments, enabling two independent experiments in the same dish

Cell dish bracket

Facilitate seeding cells

Demo kit

To learn the basics quickly

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