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Ion channels holds a very important position in bioscience; it is responsible for such as cell volume regulation, cell migration, cell cycle progression, cell proliferation and cell death. Ion channels are located in the membrane of all excitable cells. The ion channels are selectively permeable, acting as a “gate” that only allows certain ions to pass through. Studies have also shown that ion channels hold a significant role in tumour growth, suppression and many other important factors in the human body. 

Understanding the importance of ion channelling, Sophion became one of the pioneers in developing automated patch clamps instruments that are specifically for the bioscience field.  Not limited to the studies of ion channels, Sophion’s instruments are also capable of conducting stem cells related experiments. This brings forth endless possibilities as to what lies ahead for the ion channelling and the bioscience industry.

We are very proud to be distributing on behalf of Sophion Bioscience, one of the pioneers in ion channelling instruments in the bioscience industry.

Automated Patch Clamps

QPatch Compact

Affordable access to high fidelity electrophysiological data


The benchmark for cardiac safety since 2004

Qube 384

High throughput ion channel



Silicon-based patch clamp orifice which replaces conventional glass pipettes


Integrates 384 individual patch clamp into one plate

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