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Magnitude Instruments empowers researchers to explore the boundaries of transient absorption sensitivity through their range of compact, self-contained spectrometers. Designed for user-friendly operation on par with UV-Vis or FTIR instruments, these spectrometers facilitate seamless experimentation. By transcending previous limitations, researchers can embark on unprecedented scientific endeavors, leading to discoveries that surpass imagination.

This is the opportune moment for researchers to leverage the capabilities of Magnitude Instruments. By doing so, they not only accomplish what was previously unattainable but also spark intrigue with the novelty and impact of their work, thus leaving an indelible mark on the scientific landscape.​

Transient Absorption



Turnkey, research-grade TA spectrometer in a compact package


Nanosecond-to-millisecond response in a self-contained TA instrument operating in the UV/Vis/NIR range.


Broadband nanosecond mid-IR TA spectrometer in a true one-box platform

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