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Raman Spectroscopy is a light scattering technique, it uses the detection of Raman scattering from monochromatic light. It is a non-contact spectroscopic chemical analysis that is very good in finding out the concentration of samples and chemical compositions.

Raman Spectroscopy is widely used for studying molecules in chemical bonding & material characterisation across multiple fields. We offer both ready-made and modular components for customisation, with our LabRAM & XploRA series can be upgrade to perform AFM Raman.

We distribute our Raman Spectrometers from HORIBA, the 50 years expert in Raman Spectroscopy .

Raman Spectrometers

CiCi-Raman HORIBA Singapore

*NEW* CiCi-Raman

E-cooled CCD camera with a VIS-NIR 2048 x 70 detector

*NEW* LabRAM Soleil

Raman multimodal confocal imaging with compact footprint

*New* LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor

ideal tool for photoluminescence and Raman imaging on wafers up to 300 mm diameter

*Revamped*LabRAM Odyssey

Revamped Raman Microscope for advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D

XploRA™ Series

Multi-Functional Ramand & Imaging Spectrometer


Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

THz Raman Spectroscopy HORIBA Singapore


Affordable ultra-low frequency Raman spectrometer down to 10 cm-1


EasyImage App

Optimized Analytical Workflow for Soliel