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Coupling these 2 technologies from HORIBA means having the full power of Raman, Photoluminescence, AFM, Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS), Tip-Enhanced Photoluminescence (TEPL), and many other AFM modes correlated with spectroscopic measurements, all together on the same AFM-Raman integrated platform. This provides a unique technique for the characterization of molecules, 1D and 2D materials, semiconducting nanostructures and bio-materials.

All AFM-Raman spectroscopy systems are capable of analysing its samples just within minutes (not hours!)

Raman AFM


XploRA Raman micro-spectrometer

LabRAM Nano

LabRAM HR Evolution fully automated Raman micro-spectrometer


Versatile AFM Optical Coupling


Enhance AFM with Chemical Identification