Analytical Technologies Singapore

MEMCAST is a membrane fabricator that specialised in synthesising thin & flat sheets of membrane. This is achieved by casting a thin film of polymer solution, followed by immersing the sample into a congulation bath. The video belows shows the complete demonstration of the process of membrane synthesis using POROMETER’s MEMCAST.

  • Compared to traditional methods, MEMCAST™ stands out as a time-saving and automated solution. It simplifies and expedites the membrane creating process, allowing the operator to allocate valuable time to more critical tasks.
  • The MEMCAST™ requires minimal operator intervention, limiting variations and inconsistencies often encountered in manual processes. The MEMCAST™ guarantees quick and reproducible membranes.
  • The MEMCAST™ is designed with the user’s convenience in mind. With easily adjustable settings for coating speed and temperature, it’s possible to produce smooth and consistent membranes within minutes. The membrane can be tailored to the exact specification thanks to our casting knife with adjustable thicknesses.


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