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Pore Size and Liquid Permeability Characterisation Systems | Porometer

POROMETERS have categorised their products into 3 different categories; pore size distributions, membrane & filter testing, membrane synthesis. POROMETER’s pore size distribution systems uses their in-house technology  POROLUX™ ,  which produces results with higher accuracy and repeatability.  Membrane & filter testings are available for liquid & gas separation.  It has also step-up to the market by providing high throughput options, which is much more advantageous than the traditional method.  

POROMETER also provides contract testing to clients that wish to conduct experiments on a smaller scale or when the applications needed are one-off or non-repetitive. 

Pore Size Distribution

POROMETER uses two different techniques to test its sample’s pore size distribution; pressure step & pressure scan. Gas-Liquid Porometry, known as Capillary Flow Porometry and Liquid-Liquid Porometry.

Membrane Synthesis

MEMCAST is a membrane fabricator that specialised in synthesising thin & flat sheets of membrane. This is achieved by casting a thin film of polymer solution, followed by immersing the sample into a congulation bath.