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HALT stands for “Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing”. As piezoelectric thin films become suitable for series production and are used in an increasing number of applications, being able to test their durability is vital. Performing such lifetime tests requires the systems to be subjected to accelerated aging, as the mechanisms behind this process in thin films are not yet fully understood. We must therefore investigate a larger parameter space in order to enable statistically reliable analyses. Each of the various test parameters, from temperature, voltage and frequency to signal form, humidity and more, must be measured with a high number of samples. Until recently, this was a time-consuming process.

We developed aixHALT to speed things up. With its modular design, this parallel test system lets users measure virtually any number of samples simultaneously. This accelerates the process, while quickly leading to reliable results.

The system is designed for fast reliability and accelerated life-testing of piezoelectric or dielectric materials.
Reliability data including large and small signal material characteristics of materials and device scan be evaluated over temperature with a high flexibility in test patterns which can be tested simultaneously, dependent on the number of modules, on a large number of samples connected and scanned via an integrated switching matrix. 

The current response of the samples is measured by the flexible and precise virtual ground method. Simultaneously, an external signal scan be recorded optionally such as displacement change dependent on external sensors.

Parallel Test Systems
parallel test systems


Fast reliability & accelerated life-testing of piezoelectric or dielectric materials

parallel test systems


Fully integrated systems are specially designed for the needs of memristive systems