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Vibration Isolation (Workstations) | Kinetics System

We offer Vibration Isolation Workstations for virtually any application, whether for a cleanroom, research laboratory, or factory floor. Choose from Six Basic Configurations, or contact one of our sales engineers to discover the best solution for your vibration isolation requirements.

Ultra-Low Frequency SeriesWorkstations
ultra-low-frequency MK52 Series kinetic singapore


Ultra-Low Natural Frequencies

ultra-low-frequency-spring-activated-MK26-Series kinetic singapore


Ultra-Low Frequencies with spring activated Vibration Isolation

high-performance kinetic singapore

9100 Series

High Performing workstation, horizontal & vertical vibration isolations

Heavy duty workstation Kinetic Singapore

1200 Series

Heavy duty that loads up to 2800 lbs & is ideal for moving loads

Personal workstation kinetic singapore

9200 Series

Compacted ergonomic design made specifically for personal applications

variable-height workstation kinetic system singapore

2000 Series

Flexible ergonomic design with an adjustable 12″ tabletop height

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