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Vibration isolation (Platforms) | KINETICS Systems

KINETIC systems provide alternative vibration-free solutions for applications that requires retrofitting. Islands are perfect for retrofitting vibration-free equipment underneath the flooring & building. Platforms offers maximum flexibility with automatic levelling and height controls are incorporated for convenience and stability.

With over 16 time-tested modular configurations you’re sure to get the optimum configuration to meet your application needs. BaseMate Platform Systems provide vibration isolation benefits that are unmatched by other floor systems.

  • Air suspension for vertical isolation
  • Pendulum cradle suspension for enhanced horizontal isolation
  • Excellent damping
  • Rigid damped laminated platform
  • Nominal 4.5″ increase in equipment height
  • Automatic leveling
  • Ultra-low natural frequency
  • Pre-Engineered for many standard instruments
  • Available with custom shapes, cutouts, and notches
  • Provides layout flexibility
Min. Load @ 20 psi 
Vertical Natural Frequency1.6 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz85%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz97%
Horizontal Natural Frequency1.5 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz80%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz92%
Max. Load @ 80 psi 
Vertical Natural Frequency1.3 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz90%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz98%
Horizontal Natural Frequency0.8 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz90%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz96%
StandardBlack Smooth Polyurethane
Class 10
White Epoxy Powder Coat Stainless Steel