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Vibration isolation (Mounts) | KINETICS Systems

VIBRAPLANE Individual Mounts are ideal when designing or retrofitting sensitive equipment. They use the same isolation techniques as our workstations and platforms, and perform exceedingly well in new equipment or to retrofit existing applications that don’t fit the standard table or platform.

VIBRAPLANE mounts are offered in active and slave configurations. Active mounts use the VIBRALEVEL Air Servo Valve to feed or bleed air from the mounts to maintain preset “zero deflection” and compensate for load changes. Since the easiest way to establish a plane uses three points, three active mounts should be used per system regardless of the total of number of mounts used. Slave mounts do not have Air Servo Valves but are slaved (controlled) by one of the active mounts. The number of slave mounts is a function of configuration and load.

  • Low natural frequency
  • Automatic leveling and height control, within .005″
  • Vertical and horizontal isolation
  • Internal damping for improved stability
  • Four standard heights
  • Custom heights and configurations for OEM applications
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible – Class 10 available
Gross loads200 to 20,000 lbs.
Min. Load @ 20 psi 
Vertical Natural Frequency3.0 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz40%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz90%
Horizontal Natural Frequency3.5 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz35%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz80%
Max. Load @ 80 psi 
Vertical Natural Frequency1.5 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz89%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz97%
Horizontal Natural Frequency2.1 Hz
Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz78%
Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz94%
StandardBlue Polyurethane
Class 10White Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Damping tank
  • Class 10 compatibility
  • Portable air compressor


  • Steppers
  • Laser Trimmers
  • Automated Wafer Inspection
  • Profilometers
  • Surface Measurement Instruments
  • Inertia Masses and Bases