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Optical Table & Anti-vibration Workstations | Kinetics Systems

Vibration Isolation Products

We provide Vibration Isolation Products (or Vibration Control Products) to provide vibration-free work environments for users and manufacturers of sensitive equipment. Our Vibration Isolation Products and Optical Tables literally set the standard for Quality and Performance.

​We provide end-users “Point of Installation” pre-engineered, all purpose, low frequency, vibration isolation workstations, vibration control tables and platforms for tabletop and floor mounted equipment. And for OEMs, we offer “Point of Design” active vibration isolation air mounts and vibration control equipment platforms in capacities, capabilities and dimensions suitable for custom integration with internal system components and structures and even entire pieces of large equipment. Our vibration isolation accessories allow customization of all systems.

Vibration Sensitive Optical Table

Kinetic systems offers 5 performance level for its optical tables with different types of breadboards and materials. The varying degree of the optical table; with the highest grade (ultimate grade) to the most economical grade (Economy Grade). 

Vibration Isolation (Workstation)

We offer Vibration Isolation Workstations for virtually any application, whether for a cleanroom, research laboratory, or factory floor. 

Vibration Sensitive Benchtop

Phocus series focuses on developing various lasers that are specially catered for photoacoustic applications.

Vibration Sensitive Breadboards

KINETICS Systems has 5 grades of VIBRALITE breadboards for a wide variety of applications. Breadboards can be used independently on any flat surface, acting as a “mini optical table. It also has a non-isolated legstands for the product to be totally standalone without any surfaces.

Vibration Sensitive Tabletops

Radiant series are heavy duty lasers, they are designed to produce wavelengths across a board range through the UV,VIS & IR.

Mounts, Platforms, Islands

KINETIC systems provide alternative vibration-free solutions for applications that requires retrofitting. Islands are perfect for retrofitting vibration-free equipment underneath the flooring & building.