Analytical Technologies Singapore

The Kelvin Probe is a non-contact, non-destructive vibrating capacitor device used to measure the work function (wf) of conducting materials or surface potential (sp) of semiconductor or insulating surfaces. The Kelvin Probe does not actually touch the surface; rather an electrical contact is made to another part of the sample or sample holder.

We are proud distributors of the Kelvin Probe systems from KP Technology, one of the top developers of the Kelvin Probe Systems. 

Kelvin Probe Systems

Controlled Atmosphere Kelvin Probe System

Monitor CPD or work function (Φ) with humidity control functions

Scanning Probe Systems

Standard 2 mm gold tip
Work function resolution: 1 - 3 meV

Single-Point Kelvin Probe

High-Performing & Quick readings at 300 work functions/min

Surface Photovoltage

Ideal for detailed measurements for light sensitive materials

Ultra-High Vacuum

*NEW* UHVKP Corner Cube

Full access to work function and contact potential difference (CPD) measurements under vacuum.

Ultra-high Vacuum Ф4 Kelvin Probe

Ultra-high vacuum KP with temperature control from -196°C-586°C.

Ultra-high Vacuum Scanning Kelvin Probe

Ultra-high Vacuum KP with a scanning area of 20 x 20mm.