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Using fluorescence spectroscopy, the fluorescence spectrometer is an instrument that captures a sample’s fluorescence to analyses its various properties. It is done by passing a strong beam of light through a sample which excites its electrons & causes it to emit light. The level and frequency of the light emitted is then analysed to provide information about the composition & properties of the sample. Fluorescence Spectroscopy is a great way to quickly determine the concentration of a compound based on the intensity & properties of the sample’s fluorescent.  It is also widely used for many biological applications due to the fluorescence properties available in many types of molecules such as aromatic hydrocarbons. 

We provide an extensive range of fluorescence spectrometers from our partner HORIBA;  life-time fluorescence spectrometers, state state & lifetime spectrometers and our newest fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer, Duetta. 

Fluorescence Spectrometer

Fluorescence Spectrometer


2-in-1 Fluorescence & Absorbance

Aqualog Fluorescence HORIBA Singapore Analytical Technologies


EEMs rapid analyser

Steady State & Lifetime Spectrofluorometer​​

*NEW* Fluorolog QM

4th Gen Modular Spectrofluorometer w interchangeable components

Ultima HORIBA Singapore Analytical Technologies


TCSPC lifetime system for the measurements of short lifetimes down to 5 ps


Spectrofluorometer in nanotechnology


Fast and efficient acquisition of TCSPC lifetime data


Compact, affordable and modular fluorescence lifetime spectrometer


Benchtop Spectrofluorometer