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All molecules have surface tensions, it is the cohesive force between two molecules. Measuring the tension between molecules could provide researchers a lot of information about the properties of the molecule. (i.e. the effectiveness of a cleaning product can be measured by the level of wettability determined by the level of surface tension) Tensiometers are use measure the surface & interfacial tension between liquids-liquid & liquid-gas. Biolin Scientifics provided two types of tensiometers; force tensiometers & optical tensiometers.

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Force Tensiometer

Most commonly used method, the force Tensiometer used for measuring surface tension for international standards. Force tensiometer by dipping a hyper-sensitive probe into the intended sample, the probe would then measure the surface tension when the sample comes into contact with it.

Analysers & characterisation

Optical Tensiometer

Optical Tensiometer uses the pendant drop analysis to determine the surface & interfacial tension. This is achieved by using a needle to produce a single drop of the sample. The drop is then analysed by measuring the curve angle. Optical Tensiometers are great for determining the contact angle.

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