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Motorised Focus Drivers

Automated process flow within microscopy not only often requires motorized X- and Y-axes but also an automatic adjustment of the Z-axis.

MFD focused on the 3rd axis & simply positioned on the fine focus knob of the microscope while MFD-2 is the improved version with a higher stability by the additional adaptation of the base plate. MFD-2 series is a more customised series; different microscope brands (and even individual microscope) would require a different MFD-2. Please contact us to find out more about the compatibility. 

Piezo Z-stage achieves high resolution & focusing by moving the sample dynamically and precisely along the optical axis, adjusting within a few milliseconds and with accuracy within µm range.

MA 42 is made for supplementary motorisation in the z-axis. It is installed by removing the fine focus knob from the microscope and fixing the MA 42, in conjunction with a special coupling, directly to the shaft of the fine focus. This method prevents any slippage or loss of steps.         

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Supplementary motorisation for the z-axis

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