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Marhauser Weltzar understands that microscopes has very varying specifications that ergonomic design spreads across all the different brands and models microscope. For this reason, Märzhäuser provides stages with a micrometer lead screw or with a digital measuring system as well as motorised measuring stages for the computer-controlled measurement of work pieces.

Manual measuring stages from Märzhäuser are available in 4 different model types; EK-MR & MTM are usually used for upright microscopes while MT models are designed for measuring microscopes or profile projectors.

Motorised measuring stages of the MT mot series guarantee high-precision measurements. It is a “plug-and-play” microscope that is fully-integrated with electronic specification plate & MR measuring system.

Manual- MM 33

The most popular choice; MM 33 distinguishes itself by its optimized ergonomics. The control knobs for all three axes are arranged at the same level so that the MM 33 can be easily operated and managed within a very short time. Available with or without the tilting device. 

Manual- MD 4

MD 4 in its basic structure corresponds to the micromanipulator MM 33 with a second tool holder. This second tool holder not only can be operated independently in an X & Y axes, but it can also be swung and tilted with 2μm adjusting screws.

Manual- MMJ

MMJ has adjustment buttons & mechanical joystick for X-Y axis that allows movement within µm range. The Z-axis is equipped with a coarse and fine adjustment (10:1 ratio) that enables both quick tools for changing assembly as well as precise positioning.

Manual – HS6

The micromanipulator HS 6 is a micromanipulator with manual controls as well as a stepper motor driving mechanism in two or three axes (one axis on request). The HS 6 has a movement range 25mm in all 3 axes.

Motorised- SM 3.25

The Micromanipulator SM 3.25 is equipped with a stepper motor driving mechanism, which, in combination with the controller TANGO, enables even smallest step sizes up to 0.01 µm. Only these extremely small single steps can the stepper motors to carry out a motion sequence that is truly vibration-free.

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