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Temperature Controlled Stage (Ambient)

LINKAM stages for AMBIENT stages generally belong to the same series (TS Series). The stages in this series are specially designed with different sized ceramic sample holders/cubicles & heating assembly. All our TS stages temperature range starts from ambient, it can be heated up to 1000, 1200 & 1500°C (Depending on the series). This series can be controlled with T95 system @ 200°C/min.I

LINKAM Stage Singapore Analytical Technologies

TS Series

TS1400 XY

0 to Ambient 1400 stage that can be manipulated XY direction.

TS1500 Series

0 to 1500°C, ideal for metallurgy, materials, geology & high temperature polymers

TS1200 Series

0 to 1200 Ambient with 10mm diameter ceramic cubicle

TS1000 Series

0 to 1000°C Ambient, ideal for metallurgy.

Accessories & Support

Temperature Stage

Ambient To 60°C

W37 Glass Warm Stage

Thin 0.5mm plate with a sensitivity of  ±0.16°C

Warm Metal Stage

Heating stage from ambient to 60°C, with a ±0.1°C stability.

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