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Cryogenics in general is the study of materials and molecules under extremely low physical temperature. Although there is not a clear definition, it is generally define with boiling point of nitrogen as its benchmark. Cryostats and cryogenic equipments and support holds a important role for scientific researches and industrial applications when operating at low temperatures. High quality cryostats can cool down and maintain a sample at a stable and constant temperature. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the cryogenics field,  CIA (Cryo Industries of America) provides a wide variety of cryostats and the respective accessories. Cryo Industries pairs innovative design with leading edge technology, by integrating cryocoolers that offer the most reliable and longest track records on the market into Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems, Liquid Helium & Liquid Nitrogen Systems. 

Cryogen-Free (Closed Cycle)

With the rising popularity of searching for a cryo-free instruments, CIA is a long term expert in providing cryogen-free solutions. Cryogenic solutions includes gas / vacuum mounting cryostats, microscopy stages, probe stations and many more. 

Liquid Helium

CIA provides an all-rounding service & products for liquid helium cryo; microscopy stages, cryostats, Superconducting Magnet Systems & micro probe stations.

Liquid Nitrogen

Phocus series focuses on developing various lasers that are specially catered for photoacoustic applications.

Cryocooler Gas Stream Coolers

The cryocoolers are a holistic cryostats system made and design to provide highly efficient &  competitive cooling solutions. This system can be coupled together with liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and even cryo-free options. 


Radiant series are heavy duty lasers, they are designed to produce wavelengths across a board range through the UV,VIS & IR.

Universal Cryocooler

The Universal Crycooler provides a continuous cold H2 gas stream without using liquid helium.

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