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In 2005, AppliedPhotophysics created the first Circular Diochrometer, for characterising changes in  the higher order structure of proteins & chiral molecules. 


  • Circular Dichrometer
  • CCD Fluorometer
  • 6-cell Turret
  • Titrator & pH probe
  • LD couette cell
  • Sample Holder
  • Optical Rotatory Dispersion

Biolin Scientific is the leading Nordic instrumentation company that speacialises in life science, energy, chemicals, &  advanced materials development. 

     Analysers & Characterisation

  • Contact Angle Measurement
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  • Thin Film Characterisation
  • Thin Film Fabrication

Specialising in a wide variety of lasers (i.e. DPSS, line lasers) CNI laser is now the largest manufacturers in DPSS laser in China, offering competitive prices with custom-tailored service. 

       Lasers System

  • DPSS Lasers
  • Line Lasers
  • Continuous Diode Laser
  • Fiber Coupled LEDs

Founded in 1946, Copley recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment, a trusted provider of test instrumentation in the pharmaceutical industry

   Pharmaceutical Testers

  • Detergent Tester
  • Disintegration Tester
  • Dissolution Tester
  • Friability Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Inhaler Tester
  • Powder Tester
  • Semisolids Tester
  • Suppository Tester

Cryo Industries of Amercia (CIA) manufacturers “performance by design” cryogenic systems.  CIA in-house all its  manufacturing process to ensure  excellent quality control.

   Temperature Controlled Systems

  • Closed Circuit Cryostats
  • Open Cycle Cryostats
  • Helim-3 Cryostats
  • Cyrogenics Probe Station
  • Cryocooler Gas Steam Cooler
  • Liquid Helium & Nitrogen

Specialising in optics, Daheng Optics possesses a strong professional design team for research & development with lens designers, mechanical design, control and integration engineers.

   THz Products

  • Detectors
  • Time-Domain Spectrometers
  • Eeverfsmeter
  • Parabolic Mirrors

First started in Taiwan, EVERBEING is an expertise in Stations. EVERBEING manufactures all parts of a probe station with the most reliable quality & affordable price.

  Probe Stations

  • Educational Probe Stations
  • Industrial Probe Station
  • 4-Probe Station
  • Micropositioner
  • Tip Holders
  • Chuck

FEMTO manufacturers a unique range of amplifier modules, with each reaching spectacular noise & frequency performance. “Sophisticated tools for signal recovery” 

  Amplifiers & Photoreceivers

  • Current Amplifier
  • Voltage Amplifier
  • GHz Wideband Amplifier
  • Lock-In Amplifier
  • Photoreceivers

One of the leaders in spectrometers, HORIBA specialises in providing analytical & measurement systems for different fields (medical / scientific) world-wide. 


  • Cathodoluminscence
  • Ellipsometer
  • Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Optical Spectrometer
  • Raman Spectrometer
  • Vaccum-UV Spectrometer

With the state-of-the-art design & technology in the semiconductor industry, II-VI laser enterprise is an leading provider for single mode laser pumps, high laser diode pumps & many others

  Laser Diodes

  • Bars & Stacks
  • SE pumps & Seeds
  • VCSELs
  • Diode Source
  • 980 nm Pump Lasers

Kinetic Systems specialises in producing “Vibration Isolation Products” to provide vibration-free work environment for users & manufacturers. 

   Vibration Isolation Products

  • BenchTop
  • Breadboards
  • Mounts, Platforms & Islands
  • Optical Tables
  • Tabletops 
  • Workstations

Founded with the aim of bringing forth new surface research tools. Today, KP Technology is the award winning manufacturer(the Queen’s award) with many successful instruments.

   Kelvin Probe Products

  • Air Photoemission System (APS)
  • Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
  • Single Point Kelvin Probe (KP)
  • Glovebox/Environmental Enclosure Kelvin Probe
  • Ultra High Vacuum Kelvin Probe (UHV)
  • Relative Humidity/Corrosion Kelvin Probe (RHC)
  • Surface Photovoltage (SPV) & (SPS)

LaVision‘s imaging and sensor systems provide market-driven measurement solutions for flow field imaging, combustion, spray and particle analysis and materials testing

    Flow Measurement System

  • Flow Master
  • Fluid Master 
  • Spray Master
  • Flame Master
  • Particle Master
  • Engine Master
  • Spray Master
  • Strain Master

“Truly stable, realiable, long-life” are the visions that Lexel lasers have started. LEXEL lasers today have made the most reliable Gas-Ion Lasers around the world.

     Laser Systems

  • Gas-Ion Lasers
  • Deep UV Lasers

Passionate in designing, creating & perfecting stages, electronics & softwares is what LINKAM in a nutshell. With this vision, LINKAM is now the name used by researchers in the most prestige companies world-wide.

  Temperature Controlling 

  • Temperature Control Stages
  • Imaging Stages
  • Humidity Controller
  • Cooling System
  • System Controller

Liquid Instruments was founded by a team of experimental physicists and engineers with expertise in precision measurement and gravitational wave detector instrumentation.

      Analysers & Characterisation

  • Moku:Lab

Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (LMI) designs and manufactures a huge array of radiation detection instruments and technologies for personnel & material monitoring & border security.   

    Radiation Monitoring & Detection

  • Detectors
  • Monitoring System
  • Sample Counting
  • Area Monitor Controller
  • Hand & Foot Monitors
  • Waste Monitoring System
  • Laundry Monitors

Märzhäuser develops and manufactures manual and motor driven micro-positioning systems as well as controllers and equipment for microscopy appliances.

     Motorised Microscope Stage

  • Microscope Stage
  • Measuring Stage
  • Motorised Focus Drives
  • Micromanipulators
  • Stage Inserts
  • Controllers

Mercury Scientific is an expertise in the powder flow testing field, creating products that are ergonomic & unique, all while meeting the demands the needs of our customers

     Powder Tester

  • REVOLUTION Powder Analyser
  • EVOLUTION Powder Tester
  • VOLUTION Powder Flow Tester

Nicoya was established with the idea of creating a providing accessible nanotechnology, for every researcher to have access to their own SPR, helping them to advance in their research.

    Surface Plasmon Resonance

  • OpenSPR
  • OpenSPR-XT
  • SPR sensors

Being the first in USA to integrate tunable laser systems with the “OPO” ( Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology, OPOTEK today is the gaint in the tunable laser industry and continues to innovate for the demands of the industry.

    Tunable Laser

  • MagicPRISM series
  • Opolette Series
  • Phocus Series
  • Radiant Series

Started as ARP (Applications of Research in Photonics) in France as, Optronis have been working in the ultra-fast optical measuring system since 1986. Today Optronics develop in many types of motion cameras, specialising in streak cameras.

     Imaging Cameras

  • Streak Cameras

Mercury Scientific is an expertise in the powder flow testing field, creating products that are ergonomic & unique, all while meeting the demands the needs of our customers

    Radiation Detection & Monitoring

  • Alpha/Beta Counter
  • Alpha Spectroscopy System
  • Gamma Spectroscopy System
  • Food Safety Detector
  • Germanium (HPGe) Radiation Detectors
  • Silicon Charged Particle Radiation Detectors
  • Scintillation Radiation Detectors

OWIS is a well-known Germany brand that develops, produces, distributes and services optical beam handling as well as highly precise positioning systems. 


  • Optical Beam Handling System
  • Optical Components
  • Manual Positioning System
  • Motorised Positioning System
  • Nano-Hybrid Positioning System

pco.imaging started off with the a small group of expertises dedicated in developing and manufacturing with leading image sensors and high-performing camera systems.

    Imaging Camera

  • sCOMS cameras
  • Highspeed cameras
  • FLIM cameras
  • Intensified cameras
  • Specialised cameras

PhotonSystems specialises in Deep UV sources. Using the deep UV sources & systems to develop instruments to solve the toughest detection & identifications. 

     Deep UV 

  • Deep UV lasers
  • Deep Raman/PL Spectrometer
  • Deep Raman/ FL Spectrometer
  • Personal Exposure Monitors

POROMETER is joined with IB-FT to develop the POROLUX™, range of instruments based on capillary flow porometry for testing membranes, filters, technical textiles & many other materials. 

        Pore & Membrane Testing

  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Membrane & Filter Testing
  • Membrane Synthesis

LUMIBIRD is one of the world’s leading specialists in lasers. With 50 years of experience and expertise in solid-state lasers, laser diodes and many other types of laser. 

      Laser Systems

  • Nd:YAG lasers

Ridgeview Instruments is a Swedish biotech company on providing instruments and software for studying biological interactions in real-time. 

    Analysers & Characterisations

  • Molecular Interaction Analysers – Ligandtracer

Sacher Lasertechnik is an expert in the laser development field. They provide a wide variety of lasers, diodes & complete laser systems to the various industries. They also specialises in providing OEM services to their existing lasers. 

Satrec Initiative (SI) is the leading solution provider for Earth observation missions and radiation monitoring solution, delivering optimized high quality solutions to customers in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

     Radiation Monitoring & Detection

  • Area  Gamma Detection
  • Multi-channel Detection

Sono-Tek is a world leader in ultrasonic coating solutions, providing full solutions to complex and diverse coating challenges in a myriad of global industries, from R&D through high volume production. 

      Ultra-Sonic Spray System

  • ExactaCoat series
  • MediCoat Series
  • FlexiCoat Series
  • Impact Array
  • Industrial Series

Founded almost 20 years ago by a group of passionate electrophysiologists, all having the shared purpose of making patch clamping objective and independent of user skills to provide faster, more accurate and objective patch clamping results.

      Ion Channeling

  • QPatch II
  • Qube 384
  • QPatch
  • QPlates
  • QChips

Specialised Imaging is an internationally renowned company that designs and manufactures ultra-high-speed imaging cameras for industrial, scientific and defence research applications.

      Framing Cameras

  • SIM D
  • SIM X

SulfurScience design, manufacture and market highly differentiated & high-tech performance Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to meet the requirements of cutting-edge and frontier nanotechnology.

      Chemical Vapour Deposition

  • Hot Wall CVD
  • Cold Wall CVD
  • Smart CVD™
  • Thermal Evapourator
  • Particle Trap™

Sono-Tek is a world leader in ultrasonic coating solutions, providing full solutions to complex and diverse coating challenges in a myriad of global industries, from R&D through high volume production. 

      Ultra-Sonic Spray System

  • ExactaCoat series
  • MediCoat Series
  • FlexiCoat Series
  • Impact Array
  • Industrial Series

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